Lessons Learned #40: A Message of Gratitude

As another year ends, we pause our busy world of work to reflect. When we think of the good fortune we’ve had, the wonderful bonds we’ve created, and the good times we’ve shared with customers, co-workers, and friends throughout the past year, we realize we should be grateful.

I find that gratitude is an attitude that many people would do well to adopt more often (myself included). When we are grateful we are focusing on that which is outside of us, not of our own making. Whether it be our relationships, our physical condition, our peace of mind, or our material wealth; each of us can relate to the fact that in one or more of these areas we have been blessed in abundance!

I sincerely hope that this Holiday Season you will take stock of your blessings, and in grateful recognition, share some of your good fortune, your time, or affection with those who you know are less fortunate or in need of it most.

I extend my most sincere wishes for your good health, family relations, and profitable business in the coming year! I would also like to thank my clients for trusting me with their business challenges.

In humble gratitude, and with my warmest personal regards and best wishes for a most joyful Holiday Season to you and your loved ones,

Paco Farach


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