Document to Reduce Risk

A comprehensive seminar concentrating on the reasons why contractors should document the events that affect their work and the contractual requirements that make it critical to do so. Includes practical examples to demonstrate how to write simply and effectively, without creating unnecessary conflict. [duration: 3 hours]

The Daily Report

As the only daily document, your Daily Reports can be the most accurate source for creating the history of a project. This seminar focuses on the variety of uses for this document, with examples of how you should record your daily progress and problems on the job. [duration: 1.5 to 2 hours]

Tracking Issues

A practical seminar designed to demonstrate how to track issues that can result in additional scope, cost and time to perform you work. Simple methods for tracking issues are presented, with real-life examples. [duration: 1.5 to 2 hours]

Recent Comments from Participants

“Paco, I want to thank you for the training for our 60 employees.  All PM’s, CM’s, and foremen got so much out of the training.  I had several of my senior management team comment on how they learned so much even though they’ve been doing it a long time.  Look forward to our next training.” – Rob Kornahrens, President, Advanced Roofing, Inc. (Ft. Laud., Florida)

“I thought the seminar was great.  Paco’s presentation was very informative and easy to follow.  He had a ton of personality and passion toward the topics so it was really interesting to listen to.  He really understands the constant battles that go on throughout the project.  Oh, and the PPRICK vs. PRICK, awesome!”

“I thought the class was good.  It reemphasized the importance of communicating in a non-threatening manner and to never make it personal… being timely with our paperwork and making sure it contains relevant information can save a lot of time, money and hard feelings.  The class was time well spent.”

“I really enjoyed this training session, one of the best our company has EVER scheduled.  I found the presentation extremely informative, I thought his message was well presented, and Mr. Farach was an excellent speaker.”    [April 2016]