Construction Claims

No one likes to talk about claims, they can be expensive to prepare and can take a long time to resolve.  But, when things go wrong on a project, they become a necessity.  Whether it’s the added cost of time delays, liquidated damages, or disputes over extra work, claims are a fact of life on many commercial projects.
I can guide you through the claims process with the objectivity and depth of experience that comes from working with a wide spectrum of companies on a broad range of project types.  With my sound, professional advice, we can minimize the cost of preparing your claim by:
  • setting up your document and data collection procedures early
  • utilizing your company’s resources for much of the work
  • coordinating with your attorney to minimize legal expenses
  • managing your claim to maximize settlement opportunities
Don’t wait until the end of a project to think about preparing (or defending) a claim – it may be too late!