Management Consulting

The construction environment is full of risks. If your team fails to recognize and act timely on critical events it can turn profitable projects into losses.

Effective management of your project depends on how well you are able to identify and minimize your risks throughout the life of the project. Working together we can monitor and detect problems proactively, before they develop into serious issues, allowing you to take the steps to reduce the likelihood that they will impact your profitability.

Proper, timely documentation of issues is the most effective strategy for mitigating risk. Project documentation does not need to be confrontational, it can be cooperative and constructive. It can also shield you from back-charges, claims and other damages at the end of a project. If events on your project force you to suffer cost overruns and time delays, your documentation is a prerequisite for potential recovery.

Sometimes it takes an outsider’s perspective, with objective experience to bring about the changes that are needed to ensure the success of your project and your company.

Services available:
• hourly consultations
• monthly contract rate for duration of project