Lessons Learned #15: Perseverance Results in My Book!

Perseverance can help you accomplish what might first appear only to be a dream. I am excited to announce the publication of my book “Construction Management: Document to Reduce Risk”.  I first drafted a rough outline of the concepts for this book 22 years ago.  Getting it published after all this time is proof that through perseverance anything is possible.

This is a practical manual that captures my philosophy for construction management – how through application of the “rules” contained in the contract, together with proper documentation of issues during the life of the project, you can reduce your risk.  Packed with advice, numerous examples, and case studies, this manual provides the instruction you need to prepare effective, timely correspondence regarding project issues in a cooperative, proactive manner, without confrontation.

  • Create a Contract “Rules” Checklist to help manage your project.
  • Overcome the fear of documenting problems.
  • Learn how documentation is essential to reduce project risk and maximize profits.
  • Practice the key steps in documenting typical construction disputes through case studies on extra work and delay.
  • Improve your writing with simple keys for effective construction correspondence.
  • Take advantage of the sample letters included in the manual to help you jump start your correspondence for typical construction issues.

They say that writing a book is like having a baby, you labor for a long time, then there is tremendous joy when it’s delivered!  I have dedicated a great deal of effort to this project and now that it’s complete, I hope you will be able to benefit from my labor.

I look forward to your comments.

“Perseverance can help you accomplish what might first appear only to be a dream.”

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